Sixty plus-year-old main character, Paulette, suddenly finds herself in the 1897 bedroom of a young couple after trying out her latest antique acquisition, a “New Domestic” sewing machine, leaving behind her husband, Carl, who is battling the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. And that’s not all he has to battle when their daughter shows up at their home and tries to have Carl committed to a nursing home after learning that her mother is missing.

Meantime, Paulette has her own battles to wage in a past world where women are supposed to be refined and dignified, not outspoken and belligerent as she can sometimes be. When she discovers where (when) she is, Paulette sets out to find a way back, not even sure how she got there in the first place.

The New Domestic will have you in stitches and sitting on the edge of your seat. You’ll never sit down at a sewing machine again without thinking that the simple straight seam you’re sewing might lead you on an adventure of epic proportions, or that the zigzag stitches could be your ticket to a new life full of twists and turns.

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