BELL PORTABLE Sewing Machine Manual


This is the instruction manual for the 1950’s Bell Portable Sewing Machine, sometimes nicknamed the “Baby Bell.”



This is a digitally scanned copy (NOT an original) of an instruction manual for the cute little vintage Bell sewing machine from the 1950’s that weighed in at under 8 pounds and was advertised as the world’s smallest portable. This 12-page copy is as true to the original manual as we can make it, though the text is slightly blurred, measuring 8-1/2 inches by 5-1/2 inches with a color cover and black and white pages.

Also included is a copy of “Directions for Using This Set of Attachments,” which came standard with the Bell sewing machine and were the same size as those used on full-size portable sewing machines. This booklet is 22 pages of detailed instructions for using the Narrow Hemmer foot for hemming and sewing on lace in one operation, the Attachment Foot, the Hemmers, the Edgestitcher, the Scissors Cutting Gauge, the Multiple Slotted Binder for attaching bias cut bindings, three tone binding and binding as a trimming, the Tucker, the Ruffler and how to gather a ruffle, plait a ruffle and gathering material and sewing it to a garment in one step, the Quilt Guide, the Gathering Foot, the Adjustable Cording Foot, the Zipper Foot, and the Cloth Guide. This handy booklet, written in classic 1950’s jargon, is a digitally scanned copy (NOT an original) measuring 8-1/2 by 5-1/2 inches with black and white cover and pages as true to the original booklet as I could make it.


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